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FAQ - Rosebud Cannabis
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I’ve been curious to give this cannabis stuff a shot. What do you recommend for a greenhorn such as myself?

  • First and foremost, start slow and with small amounts.
  • Don’t combine cannabis with other substances such as alcohol or prescription drugs. Chemical interactions can be tricky, and if you mix cannabis and other substances you might end up having a much different experience than intended.
  • For absolute first-timers we would suggest choosing a product with close equal THC and CBD levels, and a THC percentage in the low teens.
  • If you’re really at your wits end, your local Cannabis retailer will be able to help you navigate the available products to find one that might work for you.

THC…? CBD? We just started and you’ve already got me buffaloed!

Cannabis contains a mix of natural compounds that have all kinds of psychoactive and physical effects. The fancy term for these little guys is cannabinoids. Some of these will get you jazzed up and energetic while others will have you hanging your hat up for the night.

  • THC is the head honcho, and is of primary concern when it comes to ‘feeling high’. Any product with upwards of 15% THC content is considered to be relatively strong stuff. Light Beer vs Strong Beer is a good analogy. Are you the type who prefers a crisp Corona, or do you go straight to the more intense high-ABV IPAs? It always comes down to personal preference, and what works for you might be too much (or not ‘enough’) for someone else.
  • CBD, contrarily, is the mellower cousin of THC. CBD can be used in isolation, but it can also help to mitigate some of the side effects if you ingest a bit too much THC.

Both THC and CBD are useful for a variety of different reasons, but finding the right balance is something unique to you. We would suggest experimenting with THC by itself, CBD by itself, and the two in equal amounts to find out what may be most effective.

That sounds pretty easy, but what in the heck is this gonna do to me? What if I take too much!?

Don’t fret, Rosebuddy – remember, it’s possible to ingest an uncomfortable amount of cannabis, but next to impossible to ingest a harmful amount. Most people experience a sense of euphoria, a pleasant “detachment” from your trifles, and an exaggerated experience of normal situations. You also may get the giggles and an increased desire to eat ALL the snacks. If you do accidentally over-imbibe, you may experience anxiety/paranoia, nausea, and a more profound sense of detachment from reality.  But, remember, any negative effects will wear off in a few hours.

Do I have to smoke?

This is where it gets fun, Rosebuddy! Inasmuch as there is more than one way to shear a sheep, there’s more than one way to get nicely toasted. You can break it down into a few choice areas:

1) Smoking – The old reliable. Smoking is the fastest, most immediately effective (and smelliest) way to get toasted. But, easy on the tokes, Rosebuddy! Cannabis smoke is much heavier than your typical pack o’ darts.Take a small puff, and then a BIG breath in. You want to use the fresh air to ‘push’ the smoke all the way down. I know it doesn’t sound great, but this method means you actually need less smoke for the same effect. Although you’ll begin to feel it almost immediately, you should know where this mountain peaks in about 10-15 minutes.

2) Vaping– Same rules apply as above but this is a bit of a different critter. One, you’re gonna need one of those vaping machines. Vaping is like combustion’s less intense cousin. It heats the herb until the THC, CBD, good oils and fragrance steam off but it doesn’t burn the material. You don’t get those plumes of smoke like you do when you’re blazing doobies. Plus, you get to really taste the flavours! We plan to carry a range of vaporizer options, so wether you’re looking for a discreet portable unit or a tabletop fixture, we’ve got you covered.

3) Edibles– Here I’m gonna ask you to pay some mind Rosebuddy. Come in close and listen careful. This isn’t something you just mosey into with just a lick and prayer. Eating cannabis is a very different beast and there are firm house-rules one should abide by. Whatever form, be it infused cookies or the oils themselves, LOW AND SLOW applies when you’re eating the stuff! A nibble. A drop. A reasonable and cautious amount to start! Make sure you refer to the listed dosage. Then… yep, YOU WAIT. ‘Cept this time you REALLY wait. No fooling, Rosebuddy! You wait a good hour or more before munching down any more of that stuff. There’s plenty of tales of folks who figure they’re gonna be high on the hog and then end up at the funny farm!

Although we won’t be selling prepackaged edibles until sometime in 2019 we’d be more than happy to share our tried and tested edible recipes if you’d like to whip up a batch of your own. Until then we’ll have edible oils available, and even some ‘sublingual’ sprays if you’re interested!

4) Topical- While not common in Canada quite yet, an extract of THC or CBD can also be applied to your skin! The mildest and most easygoing way to consume cannabis, topical preparations such as salves and ointments are certainly an area to keep your eye on.

It smells funny out here. Smells like lemons and pine! A whiff of diesel gasoline!?! Where’s the skunk?!

Simmer down there Rosebuddy! Those fragrances you’ve run across are the work of terpenes. Hang on now… don’t let those eyes glaze over. Terpene is just a fancy word for the smelly oils you can find in the cannabis flowers (and herbs, and food). Think of them as essential oils. Different strains of cannabis have signature mixtures of these oils. Limonene gives lemons their smell, while pinene is the fella that gives pine trees their distinct, ‘piney’ odour. There’s a ton of different terpenes, and each cannabis strain has a signature terpene ‘profile’ associated with it that gives it a distinct smell and taste.

Like all of us, I’m getting older! These aches and pains are really catching up with me. What do you recommend?

My sincerest apologies Rosebuddy! We are but simple cannabis merchants.

Rosebud Cannabis has not the expertise of the local GP nor the pharmacist that supplies him. If you’re interested in using cannabis for medical purposes we suggest you have a word with your family doctor. We’re an adult-use cannabis retailer, and as such we’re not qualified to dispense medical advice.

Sometimes the liquor store has samples. Will I be able to try before I buy?

That’s a big negatory, buds! The Canadian government has set up our industry with much tighter controls than those found in the alcohol industry. We’re not able to offer samples, and will have a maximum of 15 products available for viewing/smelling in locked containers. The cannabis in these containers will be the only un-sealed product in the store, so we’re not expecting you to be able to smell us as soon as you get out of the car. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis consumption on site, so unfortunately you won’t be able to chill and spin one up until you get back home. On the plus side, you’ll never have to worry about walking into a hazy den of vice, because we’re nothing of the sort!

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©2022 Rosebud Cannabis Ltd. | Privacy Policy